Welcome to Jungle Guitars: Goa

Goa is a very beautiful chilled out place and if building a guitar is something you've thought about doing, then I can't think of a more amazing place to combine your holiday with being creative and building your own designed guitar.

Jungle Guitars, is a guitar building school conducting courses and workshops for building your own classical/steel string guitar. It is located 3 minutes walk from Baga beach in Goa. It is set in a jungle surrounding.

All the work is done outside under purpose built shade with the occasion of sea breeze coming through. The perfect alternative holiday!

I have a kind of proverb that sort of sums it up:
if you have the time � there is time, take it easy, there is no need to cry, if we mess up, we start again, Simple!

Have a look at the site, there are some nice pictures.

chris bnw

Hope to see you sometime.